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Hey there!

I'm Malory, Seattle-based wedding and family photographer. I am a lover of life, outdoor enthusiast, and longtime abuser of emojis and exclamation marks. I'm wife to the hunkiest attorney in Seattle and mom to two adventurous outdoor preschoolers. We spend our free time hiking, camping, brunching at local cafes and taking long weekend trips! 

Photography entered my life when my son was born in 2012. I was a stay-at-home mom who spent my days watching the world through my son's eyes. I bought a fancy beginners camera and was obsessed with documenting every wrinkle of his newborn foot and every first experience he had. My daughter was born just 18 months later, so photographing them became a daily part of my life. As time went on, I had friends and neighbors asking me to take photos of their families and that quickly turned into a full-time business. Photography combines my love for documenting, curating, planning, styling and adventure and rolls it all into one perfect 'job' that I'm extremely passionate about. 

Whether curled up on your couch for a cozy newborn session or standing on the edge of a cliff for a wedding, I'd love to chat about your vision!


Our recent adventures: