Malory Larson Photography

Families ❤️


If you've got little kids, it's not uncommon for one of these things to happen on photo day: one of the kids decided to skip the nap they desperately needed, someone in the family is sick, or the baby scratches their face on the way there. No need to stress! I’m laid-back and flexible, and I happen to be pretty decent at scratch removal! I'm also always prepared with an assortment of emergency bribes snacks and my families and I are always able to pull through as a team to get great shots!

I also don't put any sort of time limit on my sessions, so if you need a few minutes to nurse the baby or rouse a sleepy toddler when you arrive, no problem at all.

Malory is quick, sharp, creative, efficient, super relaxed, and the product of her professional art has her very unique signature. In every photo she carefully shoots and hand-picks, she captures the beauty, weight, reward, and responsibility of parenthood I have desired to communicate in some way, but couldn’t quite put into words.
— Erika M. | Seattle, WA