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Gnome Trail | Maple Valley, WA

My kids and I had SO much fun hunting for gnomes on this trail! My son had a random day off Kindergarten so I kept my daughter home from preschool, packed a picnic, and off we went to explore the forest. I have a never-ending list of outdoor activities and places I want to explore with my kids and hubby, when he’s not working. I was so happy to have a day to scratch something off that list! They are 4.5 and 6 and we logged just over 3 miles, so it’s totally doable for the preschool/Kindergarten crowd. The trail is so fun and engaging the whole time that we made it through without even one single complaint! Highly recommended.

Once you make your way to the gnome trailhead sign, you’ll be led through a really well-maintained trail filled with gnomes. They’re on the ground, peeking from the bushes, up in the trees, etc. It’s an absolute blast and totally worth the drive! We brought our own garden gnome from home to plant on the trail, so consider doing that if you visit! My kids are so excited to go back and check on our gnome next time! If your kids need to burn even more energy, there’s a really fun playground on the way out, you can’t miss it. Bonus points for sleeping kids on the ride home!

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Here’s the website I used to find my way there: It was a bit tricky and Google Maps failed me, but with my little backseat drivers navigators by my side, we were able to get there! She emphasizes that it’s more of a hike than a walk, but I would definitely consider it more of a walk than a hike, if that makes a difference in your food/clothing choices. Oh! And pro tip: If you need a break from the kid noises and questions, tell them to hike really quietly so they can hear the gnomes working in the forest. Suddenly every scurry in the brush becomes very exciting and you get quiet hikers!

Have fun!


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