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Heybrook Fire Lookout | Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Whenever possible, my husband and I like to escape the city and head for the forest/mountains/water - really anywhere that’s quiet and kid-free ;) We've stayed in cabins, treehouses, yurts, a houseboat and camper vans, but this was our first fire lookout and it did not disappoint!

I booked this place a couple months in advance and kept it a secret, so while my husband knew we were going on a hike, he had no idea there was a fire lookout at the end and that we were staying the night. I even packed an early Christmas present for him (a new pair of his favorite sheepskin slippers) in my backpack and was feeling like the world’s best wife. UNTIL we complete the hike, climb the stairs and arrive at the front door and my husband asks, “So how do we get in?”

“OH $@!!#% ##@%#@@!!@ $$#$#$#!!!” WHOOPS. I’m so used to everywhere we stay having little lock boxes with the key inside that it totally slipped my mind! Right then, the email instructions flashed through my head and I remembered that we were supposed to drive past the trailhead to the ranger station to get the key. *more swear words*

We drop all of our stuff, my husband takes a couple chugs of water, kisses my cheek and down the stairs he goes, yelling things like, “no biggie babe, don’t worry about it!” because he’s the absolute best. He trail ran back to the car, went to the ranger station for the keys and then re-hiked to the lookout all over again, mostly in the rain and wind and somehow still wanted to stay married when he returned ;)

DON’T MAKE MY MISTAKE - get the key first!

Once we were past the key incident, we had such a good time. Being taller than the trees while viewing surrounding mountains is incredibly quiet and relaxing. It’s a really great place to recharge, if that’s what you’re looking for!

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